Pond Balance – 9.34kg

Pond Balance simply and safely gradually adjusts the pond water chemistry, achieving a balanced pond.

Use when: Pond water is out of balance causing it to look unsightly. Lilies and plants are looking unhealthy. Water pH is fluctuating.
Acts against: An unbalanced pond. Unhealthy plants. Dangerous swings in pH.

INSTRUCTIONS: To a bucket of warm water add 100g of Pond Balance for every 2,727 litres of pond water. Stir well and allow to dissolve then distribute evenly over the pond surface. For best and consistent results this treatment should begin with a repeated dose, once every 10 days for the first month, and once per month thereafter, or more frequently, as required. For long-term effectiveness, usage should begin from early Spring and continued regularly during the warmer months.

Pond Balance 9.34kg
Product code 8953
Product barcode 755349089536
Disposal of electrical goods N
Weight 9.34kg
Dosage 100g of Pond Balance for every 2,727 litres of pond water
Treats 254,000 litres (56,000 gallons)
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