How much treatment do you need?

Enter the pond volume below – or use the calculator – then click on the product you are using for an accurate calculation of how much, and how often, you need to use your Blagdon pond treatment.

Pond volume

Enter the volume in litres if you know it:


Don’t know the volume? We can help you calculate it.

Select your pond shape, enter the measurements below (in centimetres), the volume will appear in the ‘Pond volume’ box. Finally, select the product you are using:

Choose your product

  • Aqg Clean Pond Pods 12 Pack

    Clean Pond Pods

  • Aqg Clean Pond Pods 24 Pack

    Clean Pond Pods

  • Aqg Clean Pond Pods 6 Pack

    Clean Pond Pods

This is what you need

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