Family with pond fountain


Raised Window Pond

Enjoy the sight and sound of moving water and aquatic life, day and night all year round.

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to maintain
  • Includes complete life support system for fish and plants

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Inpond 5 in 1/6 in 1

Do you have a green and dirty pond, or want to keep a new pond beautiful and clean? The Inpond range offers a five stage, complete solution to green water algae, dirt and lifeless dull ponds. Available in 4 sizes, Inponds include features that will not only clean your pond, but make it bright, attractive and healthy for fish and wildlife.
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Clean Pond Machine UV Filter

Clean Pond Machine UV Filter is an effective, easy-to-use filtration system that keeps your pond clean and healthy while keeping your hands clean and dry. The unique, innovative, foam-free design combines over ten years of R&D and patented features to bring you a considered product that deals with and prevents the age-old issues that come with pond-keeping.
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Energy Saver Pond Pump

Powerful, yet economical this low maintenance design pond pump is adjustable to suit any pond and season. Suitable for waterfalls and filters, the Energy Saver Pond Pump combines low maintenance with high performance, and using its digital motor technology consumes around thirty percent less energy that similarly priced pumps.
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Inpond Maintenance Kit

Easy to replace and install the Inpond Maintenance Kit has been especially designed to keep your Inpond working as it should.

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Clean Pond Pods

Clean Pond Pods are a quick and easy 5-in-1 water treatment to tackle the most common pond problems. They consume pond sludge, make tap water safe, promotes healthy plant growth, reduces filter cleaning and stabilises pH for healthier fish. The soluble film quickly dissolves, releasing the pet and wildlife safe active ingredients, getting straight to work to clean and clear your pond.
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