Fresh Start 1000ml

USE WHEN: Initially filling a pond with tap water, replenishing evaporated water, or conducting water changes.

INSTRUCTIONS: Determine the volume of the pond. Shake the bottle thoroughly. Remove the dosage chamber cap and foil seal, then squeeze the bottle until the chamber is filled to the required level. Add 1 x 25ml measure for every 225 litres (50 gallons) of pond water.

Fresh Start works instantly, making tap water safe for fish. We recommend monitoring toxic waste accumulation in any new pond during its establishment phase. Safe for filters, pond fish, plants, and wildlife in the water. Keep out of children's reach. Treats 9,000 Litres

Fresh Start - 1000ml
Product code 8956
Product barcode 755349089567
Disposal of electrical goods N
Treats 9,000 litres
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