EU No-dig Nature Pool


Aquagarden is proud to announce the launch of the new ‘No Dig Nature Pool’. This innovative new product brings the beauty and ecological benefits of a natural pond to any garden.

This raised pool, features a high-quality solar fountain and wildlife ladder and is quick and easy to assemble thanks to the innovatively designed click-fit resin panels that form the pool. No tools are needed, and it can be built and filled in under an hour.

As the pool is freestanding, there is no need for any backbreaking digging or disturbance to your garden and can be easily relocated at any time. 

The ‘No Dig Nature Pool’ provides a haven for wildlife such as amphibians, birds, bees and insects. The integrated wildlife ladder allows small creatures to safely enter and exit the pool and the planting pocket is perfect for marginal plants to provide cover for birds and wildlife.

The pool provides a perfect source of water for birds to drink and bathe at the dedicated bathing beach. Whilst the Liberty solar powered fountain and its five beautiful water display options provides the gentle sound of moving water, adds a touch of tranquillity and water movement to oxygenate the water.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the No Dig Nature Pool,” says Adrian Exell, commercial director for Aquagarden. “This innovative product makes it easier than ever for people to create a stunning and wildlife-friendly water feature in their own gardens.”

Key Features of the Aquagarden Europe No Dig Nature Pool:

  • Easy installation: No digging or hard landscaping required – simply assemble and fill.
  • A complete water feature kit: wood effect resin panels, fibre reinforced underlay and Liberty Solar 180 Floating Fountain Pump.
  • Solar-powered fountain pump: Eco-friendly, no power required, low-maintenance operation with five fountain options.
  • Multiple wildlife features: Fountain, bird bathing beach, wildlife ladder, and planting pocket for marginal plants.
  • Compact size: Fits neatly into any garden, with dimensions of 95cm (w) x 95cm (d) x 35.5cm (h).
  • Durable construction: Made from high-quality, frost-resistant materials for year-round enjoyment.

About Aquagarden

Aquagarden is a brand of Central Interpet.

Aquagarden products are designed and distributed in partnership Interpet. Over half a century of fish keeping and pond knowledge and genuine expertise.

The ‘No Dig Nature Pool’ is the latest in Aquagarden’s portfolio of innovative pond products.

Other Aquagarden leading products include the Clean Pond Machine filters, Inpond 5 in 1 universal pump and filter range, Raised window pools, Energy saver pumps and unique Clean Pond Pods.     

All Aquagarden products are designed and supported from the UK.

For further media details and additional hi-res photographs, please contact Madison Tonge.


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